Mrs.Samita Sawant

Hospital is very good. Though I was admitted at 11:30pm the doctor  rushed in & admitted me. He checked me , studied the reports and action was taken on time. I highly appreciate the speedy action.
I found the staff to be very polite & considerate. The staff always responded in one bell. I found them to be efficient and motivated.
The staff was very neat & tidy . I was taken very good care of. Cleaning was done on very regular basis. Dr. Shah is a very fine doctor. I would sincerely like to thank him . I would like to express my gratitude to all the staff members.


Mr. Aaditya

Dr. Nitin satam was very good. Also  the attending staff like the nurses provided  fast service . Just make t.v. channels available for children.

Mr. Vandana Sawant

I would like to thank Dr. Shah and also all the staff. I would like to thank all of them for their support.
The hospital is very clean and tidy. It was a homely experience.
Thanks for everything . Got proper attention during the 3 days of my stay there.

Mr.Gyanchandra Shashi

Hospital was very good, neat and clean. The staff is very alert and responds in one bell. They treated us very well. Cleaning of rooms is done at proper times. I felt good having them around me for attending to my requirements. Even the mousi and other maintenance staff is good. Requirements like filling up of water etc is looked into at regular intervals. I would specially like to thank Sister Nisha, the nurse.
I thank all the doctors and the support staff for being very regular with the medicines and making me well in one week's time.

Mrs.Rajamma K.

I like to thank all the staff members and doctors for treating so well during my stay in hospital.
I was given proper treatment and medical care. The staff was prompt and efficient.

Mrs.Shivani Kapoor

Thanks to all staff members and doctors. A single bell ring made the staff members rush for help. They entered the room with a smile. A very special thanks to nurse "Nisha". She is a really dedicated worker. Dr.shah & Dr.Mahajan were very supportive and polite.

Mrs.Reena Kumar

I would like to thank Dr.Shah & Dr. Mahajan & all staff members for their support & cooperation.

Mrs.Sushila Chaudhary
First I would like to thank all staff , sir and madam. My experience at your hospital was good. I loved it.
Mrs. Priya Kudal
Staff is very co-operative and of helping nature. Place is very clean and hygienic .Service is good. We were treated well by doctors and staff. Keep up the good work.
Mrs. Shefali Gandhi
I would like to thank you and madam for your support. Experience at your hospital was good.
Mrs.Vaishali Pabrekar / Mr.Datta Pabrekar
From the very first day the treatment was good and the staff was very co-operative. They were helpful and good in communicating. You can trust the treatment procedure at the hospital. But there can be an improvement in the mediclaim procedure.
Thank all the doctors and their staff once again.
Mrs. Yasmeen Khan

I would like to thank all the staff members as well as Dr.shah for being very kind gentle towards me during my stay in the hospital. The place is very clean and hygienic . It felt like home.

Mrs. Samidha Kokabankar

I had a comfortable stay and the staff was really very sweet and co-operative.
Dr. Ashok Shah & Madam have been very interactive and answered all my queries patiently and explained to me everything. The rooms are excellent and all the facilities provided are fantastic . It feels like being at home. Thank you to all.

Mrs. Marium Shaikh

I would like to thank Dr.Ashok Shah & Dr. Madhuri Shah from the bottom of my heart .They treated me like my family and made me smile in my pain. They helped me to be jolly & cheerful always. Many thanks to Dr. Naresh Patel , though my interaction with him was too less but he gave me incredible amount of confidence. God bless all my doctors Dr.Shah , Naresh Patel ,Dr.Mahajan. The anaesthetist was really good. The team of all of doctors and nurses who operated me were blessed and incredible.
Special thanks to all mousis who helped me to be fresh always.
Nisha sister the best.
Usha and padma sister and sorry if I have forgotten some names thank you for everything. I appreciate your love and support, your care, thank you all.

Mrs. Ghanshyam J. Hande
Hospitality was very good. All the staff was always alert , at one bell. They could answer our queries with a good smile and were very scientific.
Regular dressing was done and medicines was also given properly. Dr.shah and Dr. Mahajan were also very good - always motivating.
Mr. Nishant Bhardwaj
I like to thank all the staff members and doctors for treating so well during my stay in hospital.
I was given proper treatment and medical care. The staff was prompt and efficient.